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BGRS Relocation Services for Canadian Forces and RCMP Personnel

Whether you are looking to sell your home for a military relocation or RCMP relocation we have what you need. We can meet timelines in order to get your home sold in time for your HHT for your new posting or helping buy a home within the limited time brgs provides.
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Buying a Home

1) Virtual or in person Buyer Consultation. We will set up a search and review todays buying process in the current market conditions. 2) We have a recommended list of accomendations that will be covered under your claim. Some have kitchens which provide the msot cost effective accomendation for your house hunting trip. 3) Pre-Booked Showigns: we will book your favorites homes before you arrrive so you can take full advantage of your house hunting trip (HHT). 4) I will personally drive you around to see areas anf homes so you can sit back, relax, and focus on the home that best suits you. 5) Pre-Book Home Inspection: your inspections will be tentativley booked near the last couple days of your trip so you can be present at your home inspeciton. 6) We have a list of BGRS suppliers like, lawyers, inspectors, and anyone you would use through this process.



Selling a Home

1) Fill out a Property Questionnaire. 2) Book a 30 minute in person market analysis. 3) Our  Services include home staging, professional photograhpy, meaurements, and bi-weekly market updates. 4) We do effective open houses. 5) A marketing budget on social media is set up to show your property to as many people as possible. 6) We sell you home.

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